Welcome To The Restoration Of
My Series 3 Hybrid

Where to start, well where it all started, "the want adds in LRO Magazine".
The Spring issue of 2000 , there was a 1980 series 3 SWB with a Designa
galvanized chassis for sale. My dream Land Rover is a series 3 with the
galvanized coiled sprung frame, I always liked and wanted the traditional
looks of the series Land Rover but combined with the comfort and refinements
of the Defender running gear.




This page is designed, maintained by me, giving a brief history of the purchase and restoration
of my Land Rover Series 3 Hybrid.
The comments and opinions within this web page are solely mine, weather you agree or not with them , so be it.
I hope that this page can be used by you, providing a guide with the rebuild of a series
Land Rover
and the horrors if you were HAD, as I was. I will always do my best to keep this page up to date with the progress of the landy's
 restoration and how it copes after the restoration.

Regular visitors will note that I have removed my email address and the files
that I was hosting. I've removed those items because of spammers and
abusive ignorant people.

Also the site is in a transitional stage while I upgrade.

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