After the etch primer was applied, I went directly to mixing the primer paint. This gave me about 20 to 30 minutes between between the coats and I began applying the primer paint. I was ably to apply 2 full coats of primer paint to all of the parts. I guess the trial runs with the paint gun and the air hose paid off, I ran into no problems with banging into anything while spraying. Again, all went well with how the primer paint was applied and bonding to the etch primer. I've read many horror stories of guy's having problems with the primer bonding ( blistering ) to the etch primer. But, all was going well in Nybro.



    In the pictures to the right, you will see that the color has changed slightly from the white of the etch primer to a grayish white color. The difference between the colors, well, would only be spotted by an experienced painter. At this point, the Landy has 5 layers of two types of primer, that's a lot more than Land Rover ever gave the vehicle. 





    At this point the nerves were starting to get to me. Let me say, that this IS the first time that I ever painted with a compressor and an air spray gun. I've painted vehicles with spray cans, rollers and paint brushes. This was new a new adventure for me and I didn't want to screw it up!       So far, so good.


    The morning came and I was ready, the weather was as usual here in Nybro, BLOWING !  I needed to have at least one garage door open for air circulation, so again a generous layer of water was laid on the floor, with a reserve bottle ready to lay more water, if needed. I was a little worried about the compressor, the air tank was building up with condensation, but thankfully the air separator was working fine. 
    The paint that I'm using from Meyer is 2-K and as I was blending the two parts, the neighbor came over to see what I was up to. Here's this 78 year old man standing there with his head directly over the paint mixture. I thought, he we go, he'll die and the family will blame me. hahaha    But the old man is still kicking, thank god!  After reading the warning label, I made sure that the wife and kids were at the summer cottage.


    On went the paint and again it went on well. The paint is much thinner than the primers and so I did get a few runs, actually, 4 in total. They were nothing major, about 1-2 inches wide and not running more than 1-2 cm's. I was surprised at how fast the paint went on, before I knew it, the paint gun was empty. I was able from the one full can, to apply 2 coats of paint. Giving it a good look over, I decided not to mix more paint. This is when I saw the few runs beginning and I didn't want to risk doing more harm than good. 

    When I was painting, I tripped in the water drain hole in the middle of the garage floor, nearly creating a total disaster!  I did manage to splash water on the grill panel. What to do now, well, I just left it as it was. If I can live with a few runs, well then a few water stains aren't going to kill me. My ass was wet, my left foot was wet, but the paint was on. Once I was finished, I cleaned up everything and closed up the garage doors till the next morning.

    You'll see in one of the pictures, to the right, that on the wing tops, I didn't paint them fully. Why bother? the wing top protectors will be going back on. Also on the lower rear corners of the rear tub, I'll be installing 5 bar aluminum panel protectors.




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